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Our Freedoms Are Under Threat!

Act now by adding your voice to our submission to the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development on:

The “Promotion of Equality and Prevention of Unfair Discrimination Amendment Bill.” (Click here to read the proposed Bill.)  

This Bill is making huge waves across the country, due to the real concerns of ordinary people!

Its definitions of “discrimination” and “Equality” are far-reaching and its provisions seriously over reaching.

It facilitates the State’s intrusion into areas beyond its competence and threatens Religious Bodies, which could be told what beliefs they should subscribe to!  

It opens the road to a war on traditional beliefs, and will give the State capacity to advance ideologically-driven agendas!

This is a bad Bill and should ideally be scrapped! It needs to be opposed by everyone who values their Constitutional Freedoms…

Click here to read the Submission against the implementation of this Bill from Family Action South Africa.

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To: Department of Justice and Constitutional Development

Attention Ms Fathima Bhayat


Dear Ms Bhayat

I add my signature to Family Action South Africa’s submission.

I share the concerns as to the Bill’s broadening of the definitions and scope of the current Act.

I am worried that the Bill will impinge on our Constitutional freedoms which are specifically protected in Sections 15 and 16 – that guarantee “freedom of religion, belief and opinion,” and “freedom of expression” respectively.

Yours sincerely