Taking Action for Family Values and a Christian Civilization

Julio Loredo

Meet the Radical “Eco-Theologian” Behind the Economy of Francis

It is a well-known tactic, already explored by Machiavelli; it consists of using a trusted intermediary to launch borderline ideas and trends that dazzle by their extremism. The trusted man plants a flag beyond the boundaries of the acceptable or even the reasonable. He provokes, unsettles and knocks things down. If the majority rejects him, …

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Rethinking China

 “We will be forced to review our relationship.” Chinese President Xi Jinping addressed this intimidating statement to Donald Trump, who called COVID-19 the “Chinese virus.” The President of the United States, leader of the greatest economic and military power in history, felt the need to surrender and stop using the “Chinese” adjective. Just before, Brazilian …

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