CSE Protest March Cape Town 2019

A peaceful march to Parliament took place on Saturday 30 November 2019 in Cape Town.

Many churches in the Western Cape comprising a wide cross-section of Christian denominations and independent Church networks peacefully marched to Parliament on Saturday 30 November 2019 to demand the cancellation of Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) in public schools and the End to Violence Against Women in South Africa.

Leaders of various churches delivered a Letter to an official of the Department of Basic Education (DBE) (invited) co-signed by several major Christian denominations representing millions of citizens and supported by over 150,000 signatures demanding the cancellation of CSE in South Africa. Church leaders also delivered a Memorandum to an official of the Department of Justice & Correctional Services (invited) outlining several actions government must take to significantly reduce the social degradation and its resulting violence, exploitation and abuse of women in society.

As received from the organisers, the broader goal of the March was to:
Demand the Scrapping of CSE in Public Schools and the End to Violence Against Vulnerable Women & Children in South Africa.

Family Action South Africa felt strongly enough about these things to join this march – from CPUT to Parliament in Cape Town.

It was a call FOR FAMILY VALUES – a cry from the heart against the many things which are tearing our country apart and a voice raised against the violence and abuse of the most vulnerable: children, women, the elderly.

In many ways the current level of anger and frustration evidenced by a large cross section of population against “Comprehensive Sex Education” (CSE) is more than simply opposition to CSE per se.
In fact, one can argue that it is almost acting as a catalyst in channelling outrage and upset over the moral quagmire in which the country finds itself – and the sense of impotence that the average person feels in the face of high levels of wickedness and violence!   
It is perhaps akin to one of those moments when all that is wrong in a society is encapsulated in a single issue – rightly or wrongly – and people are eager to get an opportunity to make their voices heard!
In essence, the basic reason we have CSE is because of the collapse of the traditional family model, as such issues were always dealt with in the confines and sacrosanct atmosphere of the home.
Today, the ill fruits of this collapse are everywhere evident, with ramifications in all spheres of public and private life… How can we begin to rationally explain so much societal disintegration, reaching its apex for example in the abuse and murder of children?   
We live in a hyper-sexualised society with all the negative consequences that this entails, where more and more people simply feel “enough is enough.” Signing onto an anti-CSE campaign is a manifestation of this latent desire for righteousness and for justice; in short, for “order” which author Russell Kirk calls “the first need of the soul”!
It was made manifest to Sister Lucy by Our Lady that the final battles of our days in terms of the playing out of the Message of Fatima, would see the family at the centre of the battlefield! It is plain to see that without the radical restoration and nurturing of the traditional family model – in which real possibilities exist for building a civilization of true worth based on values which ennoble and uplift e.g. honour, virtue, truth, beauty and goodness – there is little hope. The young people are a precious asset who deserve more! The loss of innocence, as well as the sense of “reserve” and above all that of modesty, are all casualties of universal CSE programmes…
All over the world, governments and political parties are pushing the boundaries of decency, buying into ever more radical programmes of “education in sexuality.” This all began with “small doses,” inevitably leading to larger and larger unpalatable spoonfuls! This is a fruit of the “processive” nature of the “Sexual Revolution” which is constantly plumbing ever greater depths! Why will it be any different here in South Africa?
May God protect our country and guide us all along His paths.

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