Petition to President Cyril Ramaphosa on the vital necessity of Constitutionally safeguarding private property rights



Looming Erosion of Property Rights






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A Great Danger Threatens Our Country!


Because proposed changes to the Constitution will severely erode property rights!

If certain political currents have their way, the private ownership of homes, farms and factories could soon be a thing of the past…

And the State will become the sole “Landlord!”

This is urgent and potentially catastrophic for the future of our country…

The threat is manifest in pending legislation which will enable confiscation of land AND improvements thereon without compensation

And not only this, but there is also a further threat in the Amendment Bill, which facilitates the State’s taking “custodianship” of the land surface of the country…

This will effectively abolish the right to private property, which is a pillar of a free society!

This will place the nation firmly on the socialist path!

The consequences for those who have acquired property over the last decades, could be disastrous!

A travesty of justice and the spectre of an economic disaster are in the making.

We must not be complacent about this – a fundamental moral issue is at stake…

Private property is enshrined in two of God’s Ten Commandments…! We are forbidden to steal, and we may not even covet our neighbour’s goods!

With theft and looting being at the very core of the recent riots, it would be folly to allow institutionalized theft to become the law of the land…!

Our overview of the current situation is a heartfelt appeal to the nation to reject this path to further chaos and misery and embrace our fundamental Constitutional right – to acquire and possess private property – an absolute prerequisite for good order and peace.

May God Almighty look down in Mercy on our beloved country –  and guide us on the paths of goodness, truth and beauty!

See here our cry of alert and please add your signature to our appeal to the State President, to constitutionally safeguard property rights.

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Petition to President Cyril Ramaphosa on the vital necessity of Constitutionally safeguarding private property rights.

Dear Mr President,

A Bill Amending the “property rights” section of the South African Constitution is complete and awaiting presentation to Parliament.  It will enable “Expropriation without Compensation” (EWC), and also make provision for  “Custodianship.” The latter concept will pave the way to placing  landholdings – be they homes, farms or factories, under state control (“custody”).

Should such drastic changes be legislated, the private ownership rights of all South Africans, will be fundamentally eroded.

A grave moral question is at stake here. Two of God’s Commandments enshrine the right to private property. This legislation will be tantamount to the legalisation of theft. 

We, the undersigned, urgently and respectfully ask that you reject these proposed changes to the property clauses in the Constitution, which, if enacted, will drastically damage the rule of law, economy, and the very moral lifeblood of the Nation, plunging it into chaos, misery and confusion!

Yours sincerely 

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