Will you please sign on to the sentiment expressed
in this open letter to Mr Andrew Norris of Grantleigh School to uphold Christian Values in the school.

Dear Mr Norris

I wish to register my absolute outrage at the offensive material displayed on the school premises – evidenced in the clip which has reverberated across social media.

The clearly diabolical “artwork” which purportedly reflects the artist’s journey to atheism, or as later reported, “the infection of faith with consumer culture,”  has in fact little to do with either and everything to do with the demeaning of God and flirting with Satanism, reflecting as it does blasphemy, sacrilege, contempt for Jesus Christ, the Bible etc. 

Adding insult to injury is the fact that the School purportedly holds up Christianity as its guiding ethos, offering “old world values with new world standards…” The exhibition was clearly accessible and one can only ask what sort of mind-set is being communicated – especially for impressionable young minds? 

At the same time, it is clear to me that such an exhibition was never intended for the broader public. But, nevertheless, its being showcased at the school and for this community is itself reprehensible and only opens the school to accusations of being party to blasphemy, insult and injury to Our Lord Jesus Christ! 

Let us face some hard facts: we are living in a world rapidly descending into darkness. The growth in the occult and overt Satanism is indisputable. We do not need our children to be exposed to this in our schools, and with such depravity sold us as “artistic expression,” “creating awareness” or whatever…!

Evil has no rights, however it is packaged… Satanism, in whatever way manifested, has no rights!  Our Christian duty and obligation is to oppose it with everything at our disposal, with all our might! The road is being prepared in our societies for the acceptance of Satanism as simply “one more religion.” Schools, particularly those with a “Christian ethos” should oppose this process with vigour, give no quarter and condemn instead of facilitating evil depictions. In fact, the school should have no mechanisms at all whereby a learner could find himself at liberty to “create” such monstrous and contemptible “works of art!”  It is manifestly unjust to children, their parents and indeed the reputation of the school to allow the darkness which was clearly inherent in the exhibition, to form part of the ordinary educational experience!

As a Catholic I also detect that some of the “artistic” depictions are clearly parodies of certain devotional representations. I find this repugnant and oppose such blasphemous caricatures with all my heart and soul. In fact, I will pray in reparation for the enormous offence communicated by many of these “artworks” which are a hideous   affront to Our Divine Saviour Jesus Christ.

I ask the mercy of God upon our country and pray too that you may grasp the enormity of the damage that has been done – all a result of toying with evil and tolerating expressions of the diabolical instead of encouraging goodness, truth, and beauty which are the cornerstones of a Christian-centred education.

I ask you to uphold Christian values and encourage principled, caring and responsible behaviour from your learners.

Sincerely yours,

Bernard Tuffin

President, Family Action SA