How the ‘Metaverse’ Will Create a Virtual Hell on Earth

Such a lonely world disconnected from reality and the nature of things can feed the unfettered passions that hate all moral restraint. A space like this can quickly go from Alice in Wonderland to insane asylum.




Five Crucial Lessons from the Uproar over Roe v. Wade

Roe v. Wade is dead. The decision to overturn it represents more than the end of a bad law. It changes the moral debate in America today. The uproar over the leaked opinion that preceded the ruling and now its dramatic aftermath contains five crucial lessons that must orient the

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The Father Figure As He Should Be

The figure of the father is under attack these days. To those who insist upon total equality, he is seen as an overbearing figure who has long abused his power. Like all symbols of authority, he must be overthrown. It is curious that whenever feminists wish to attack the father,

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The Ten Commandments of Chivalry

The golden age of Chivalry began with the Crusades to rescue the holy places of Palestine from Moslem domination and to defend the pilgrims on route to the Holy Land. Léon Gautier in his book Chivalry (La Chevalerie, first published in 1883) summarized the “ancient code of chivalry” of the

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Do Virtue and Culture Clash?

Can a Devout Christian Enjoy a Chocolate Éclair? Modern culture presents explosions of pleasures and delights as a supreme goal for all those who want to enjoy life to its fullest. People insist upon the best foods, drinks, accommodations and entertainment. This pursuit of happiness becomes the meaning and purpose

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Is It Immodest to Wear Deliberately Ripped Clothes?

Perhaps one of the more sensitive personal issues you can raise with people is that of dress. How you dress has become a purely personal affair. Most are left to their own opinion as to what is appropriate. There are, of course, some limits. Most Catholics will admit in theory

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Does the Bible Really Say You Can’t Judge?

If you stand up for moral values, eventually, you will be accused of “judging.” For most postmodern liberals, the only sin that still counts is judging. The only wrong is to believe that something can ever be wrong. But is it really a sin to judge? When is it wrong?

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True Charity Toward Wayward Brethren

The same applies to the notion of Fraternity which they found on the love of common interest or, beyond all philosophies and religions, on the mere notion of humanity, thus embracing with an equal love and tolerance all human beings and their miseries, whether these are intellectual, moral, or physical

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Saint Bernard’s Spirit of Chivalry

Saint Bernard was a Cistercian monk. He founded a religious Order that was a branch of the Order of Saint Benedict, destined to practice greater austerity and have a tougher life than required by the toughest rules of the monks of his time. He believed — how rightly! — that

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The Miracle of the Sun: Only the Beginning

“Look at the sun!” The shout echoed through the massive crowd. The multitudes looked up. Jaws dropped. From one moment to the next, the world changed. The sun itself fell from the sky. Men, women and children shouted and cried in terror. Hundreds dropped to their knees in the thick

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Public Square Rosary Crusade

The Public Square Rosary campaign began with a discussion about commemorating the 90th anniversary of the last apparition at Fatima when Our Lady performed the Miracle of the Sun. Its organizers tried to think of a special way to celebrate this anniversary. The idea of holding a yearly rosary in

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We Defeat the Devil with Boldness and Modesty

A tall, grey building stands against a grey sky, smoke and spire alike reaching towards Heaven. Thousands of ornate details confess a Gothic ancestry, this sacred place a child of stone born by the toil of generations. The face of the church remains stoic as her stained glass windows burst

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Who is Plinio Correa de Oliveira?

Catholic thinker, writer, university professor, journalist and lecturer — all of these describe the life of Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira. However, such a description is somehow inadequate and incomplete. Indeed, he is a man who must be seen in light of the times in which he lived. Born in

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XXI Century Crusade

Medieval Crusaders shed their blood to free the Sepulchre of Our Lord Jesus Christ from the hands of the infidels and to establish a Christian kingdom in the Holy Land. Today the blood of Catholics still flows — in Communist China, the Sudan, Cuba, and many other countries where religious

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